PJ Library Content Newsletter

Keeping in Touch

For many parents in our program, PJ Library remains the only touch point to Jewish life and culture. Every month we send parents a newsletter with resources, tips, and educational information to keep them involved and engaged with Jewish holidays and culture and PJ Library. 

Design and Code Requirements

What was great about this project was I only had a few requirements. Otherwise I had full control over the design:

  • Repeatable Blocks
  • Sign Up Section
  • Dark Mode Optimized

A Design Challenge Appears: What Colors Do We Use!?

Background color options

This was one of the first emails I completely redesigned after PJ Library went through a re-brand. I wanted to make sure our brand colors were strongly featured. I tried a few background color options. In the end, we decided to stick with our primary “PJ Library Blue” to keep the strong associations.

What’s next?

I’d like to start A/B testing this email a bit more, as I’ve been using the same layout for a while. Now that our subscribers are used to seeing this email, I can start optimizing even more for engagement.