My Email Obsession: Anti-Racism Daily

Anti-Racism Daily is a daily newsletter written and curated by Nicole Cardoza along with other contributors. As the name states, the Anti-Racism Daily team sends out an email every day about different systemic issues affecting the United States, with action steps and shareable images.

Anti-Racism Daily is not a short newsletter. It solidly falls under long-form, which I happened to tweet about in response to someone making a quip about how emails should be short:

Why I Love This Newsletter

I read every word of each edition and come away feeling more knowledgeable about how I can do my part in being actively anti-racist in my life. This is important to me, as I’ve committed to reading books exclusively by Black Americans this year that also touch upon anti-racism so I can learn and dismantle internal and external white supremacy.

Keeping Design Simple

Design-wise, I love the simplicity of this email. It’s sent from Mailchimp, using their one column template (I assume, at a glance, as one who spends a lot of time in Mailchimp). The headers are large and clear, and make spectacular use of white-space.

I think this newsletter really shines towards the bottom, where you get to the graphics. It’s quite brilliant, really, and one of those moments where I wish I thought of this myself. There are usually four graphics, formatted perfectly for those Instagram/Facebook stories. The first three graphics highlight the topic, a short description, and key takeaways. The fourth graphic is always the same, advertising the newsletter. I will definitely be thinking about how I can do something similar in my emails.

How to Sign Up

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The team at Anti-Racism Daily are contributing their emotional labor in this newsletter, so please support their work on Patreon or make a one time contribution.