My Email Obsession: Litmus Weekly

Ok, real talk: I’m kind of a Litmus acolyte.

Like, I really, really love their services. So when they send out emails, I pay attention. It also helps when you know and like the people in charge of creating the emails.

In the fall of 2020 (which feels like a long time ago but isn’t!?), Litmus launched a newly redesigned version of their Litmus Weekly, and I’ve looked forward to it each week ever since.

What I love about it: Personality!!

In this new iteration, Litmus takes the personality up a notch. Each email is written by a different person from the email or content team, so you’re getting a different perspective each week.

The intro for Litmus Weekly on January 28, by Carin!

Easy to scan, easy to click

Another thing I love is how each link is quickly summarized in bullet points with the actionable words linked. Nary a “click here” to be seen!

Links are easy to scan and click

Tweets from the Community

Lastly (or if you’re my 4 year old, “evenly”), Litmus Weekly always includes a tweet from someone in the #emailgeeks community. I adore this idea, because it’s always fun to see if I missed a good tweet, or be surprised by seeing my own! Litmus loves to lift up the community, and it shows.

Love seeing tweets from the email community!

What emails have you loved lately? Tweet me if you wanna reach me!